• More than a place to work.
    A place to thrive.

At ResMed we’re building on 30 years of global innovation in sleep and respiratory care. We’re working to revolutionize global health with a vision of improving 250 million lives with out-of-hospital care by 2025.

To become the world’s leading connected health company we need people who share our passion and vision – the dreamers, innovators, mavericks and technologists who have what it takes to shape the future with us.

People just like you.

You and ResMed – together, we’re shaping the future.

Working at ResMed is not just an opportunity to help millions of people live healthier, higher quality lives. It’s an opportunity to shape the future – the future of our patients, of the company and your own career.

Every day at ResMed you will be helping to improve people’s lives. We imagine, we research and innovate, we create, we design and build. Whatever your ambition, whatever your specialty, every day is a new opportunity to excel, to lead and to create life-changing technology.

Shaping the future of healthcare needs people who dream, think and act. It needs diversity of thought and experience and that’s the culture we cultivate and value.

At ResMed, you will not only be part of an amazing team, you will be free to be the person you are and supported to forge your own path and build your career. 

ResMed values the contributions of the team and recognises this every day. With competitive salary packages, great benefits and opportunities for professional and career development, you’ll know your efforts are respected and valued.

Here’s how we do things differently

We asked our employees, our managers, our partners and patients what it is that makes ResMed different. In defining the qualities and values that make us who we are, we found so much good stuff we had to categorise them into four pillars:

The impact you can have

I will shape the future

Every team member can make a difference for themselves, the company and in global healthcare as we work to improve the health and wellbeing of millions. Working at the intersection of health, technology and data you’ll be transforming the future of healthcare.

The way we work

I will do amazing things

We do things differently so you can too.

The way we work supports your passion for shaping the future. You’ll be part of an inspiring global team, but encouraged to be autonomous in your thinking, creating and innovating.

The benefits

I will feel valued and rewarded

What inspires and motivates you?

We work hard to deliver a package of great benefits designed around what’s important to you. Competitive salaries are just part of the story. You’re more than your job so we aim to provide great work-life balance and help you grow personally and professionally.

The culture

I will be free to be me

We want to bring out the best in every employee.

We work to provide a culture of support, inclusion and opportunity. Be seen. Be heard. Be you. We value diversity and respect and providing a sense of belonging beyond your typical workplace.

Gender Equity is at the heart of ResMed’s initiative to encourage and drive diversity and inclusion.

In line with our values, ResMed is proud to announce a score of 96/100 for our very first gender fairness index publication (legislated by French Law*).
Women and men are the foundations of our organization and strategy. At ResMed we don’t just talk about diversity, inclusion and talent development, we consider these convictions the pillars on which our performance levers are built.

It is with this in mind that ResMed strives to identify, develop and promote our company’s talents and to offer women and men alike, work conditions that allow true equity.

Come shape your future with us.

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