Primery. Our innovation incubator.

Where preparation meets opportunity

Welcome to The Primery, ResMed’s in-house venture studio.

ResMed’s first product, the CPAP machine, was literally an air pump, a clever hack on a vacuum cleaner that forever changed the lives of millions of sleep apnea sufferers. Now in times of unprecedented turbulence for the healthcare industry, our entire company is evermore committed to perpetually pumping a flow of innovations that can change millions more lives – and here is where the pump gets primed, a place to share our ideas, capital, resources and connections, so that we are ready, when opportunity comes knocking.


Innovation as a collective employee experience.

At ResMed, we believe that innovation can come from anywhere and anyone – and like any other working experience, it should be open, inclusive and fun! Every ResMedian is considered an intrapreneur and encouraged to spot and act on opportunities. And the best part is that they do not have to explore alone – Our pitch competition and bootcamp, VentureTHON, surrounds intrapreneurs with the collective power of all of us, to motivate, teach, assist, and ultimately fund the next big feature, product or business for ResMed.

Residency Programs


Helping Lymphedema patients live their lives to the fullest.

Our first graduate from the Primery is Aria Health – a portable compression therapy system. This concept was the brainchild of one of our engineers, inspired by helping a family member deal with chronic swelling. Together with some colleagues, patients and clinical KOL’s, we’ve empowered our empath engineer to take his vision to market where it can change the outlook of Lymphedema patients, with therapy that fits their lives, not the other way around.