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全球IT服务总监Dawn Paquette远程办公的一天

6:30am – 8:30am

Being in a global role and situated in Halifax Canada, my time zone sits smack dab in the middle of the key stakeholders I work with. When I open my eyes my European friends are already half way through their day. While enjoying my morning coffee, I scan through any events that may have transpired in the evening that require my immediate attention, I send a message to my colleagues to say good morning and check in on how they are doing. I love that our collaboration tools and mobile accessibility allows for me to do this without even having to sit at my computer. I quickly check my calendar and if I do not have any meetings, I head out with my husband and dog for our daily 7km walk around our lake. It’s a great way to start the day.

Morning hike

9:00am – lunch

Now that I am back from my walk, fueled and energized for the day; I have a few early bird colleagues out of our headquarters in San Diego, and my collaboration circle increases. My west coast American peers, East Coast Canadians and European counterparts all discuss our current projects and initiatives and progress our journey of accelerating digital transformation and cloud migration. Our newly formed Agile team who is strictly focused on transforming our Employee Experience and Productivity tools. Priority on Identity and Access Management to keep ResMed and our employees safe and secure, Unified Communication of messaging and collaboration via with Office365 deployment, and Endpoint/Mobile Device Management.

Fresh air and a swim

Strike while the iron is hot, with only an hour or 2 left to collaborate with my European peers, and San Diego coming on line, lunch time meetings is a frequent occurrence, I prefer to take advantage of time zone overlap and maximize my connection with everyone. If there is not a pressing meeting, I will connect with my team on a zoom call and eat lunch together and hang out. Mental breaks is always important, I am very fortunate to have lakefront property, I’ll wander down to the dock and enjoy the fresh air and on those hot days, me and my dog will go for a swim.

1:30pm – 4:30pm

Early afternoons is a great time where I get to catch up on emails, Teams Messages and project updates. I review our Global Service Desk performance and strategy. We are heading into what everyone uncomfortably calls our new normal. We excelled at pivoting overnight to a global work from home organization, collaboration started taking on a new meaning, how to stay connected, build and maintain relationships is flexing new muscles.

How does my team support 7500 employees working from home, or combination of working from home and part time in the offices, with some offices that never went home as they are deemed essential services to our COVID 19 mission and ResMed strategy.

How do we ensure performance, speed, security, stability. So many questions and so many opportunities to define our new normal and keep our teams safe and productive.

The great thing about working in an culture that encourages and supports a healthy work life balance and flexible working schedule, I look ahead and see that I have a few evening calls tonight as my Asia Pacific friends start waking up in a few hours. I will take a few hours of a screen break and sneak in a quick work out or when the weather is cooperative I grab my dog and his 2 fur friends next door and head for a hike.

Catch up on emails
Weekly leadership conference call

5:00pm – 7:00pm

My early evening is one of the few times when all 4 of global regions can get together for our weekly leadership calls. What a great time to be able to connect, strategize, and review progress on our goals and objectives. I have 2 direct reports in Australia and Malaysia and I use this time to say hi and schedule my regular check ins with them. In the summer time I am spoiled with a husband who’s hobby is to cook everything over a smoker and loves to bbq. Dinner is always coordinated around my evening schedule.

Stroll with my dog

My evening

Evenings for me are pretty relaxed. An evening stroll with my dog or sometimes just a lazy night on the dock taking in a breathtaking sunsets. I do have guilty pleasures of binge watching favorite tv shows and often find myself saying just one more….. I try to go to bed early, I have 2 cats who are night owls and hunter extraordinaires, I am often awake throughout the night disposing of “presents” that he likes to bring home.