Shaping the future

Why people work for us

At ResMed we’re a big global company with big global ambitions.

At the heart of that ambition is our data and technology-driven digital health strategy that has the potential to revolutionize global health care. We’re using our tech, our smarts and data to become the world’s leading connected-health company.

To shape this exciting future, we recognised that we need to build on and broaden our existing skills and continue to attract and retain the world’s best talent. To do that we need to be the world’s best employer… and the employer of choice across health, innovation and technology sectors. We may not be perfect yet.. but we’re working on it, every single day.

We’ve developed a value proposition that supports the brand and our broader business and performance objectives:

Vision ResMed 2025
250 million lives improved in out-of- hospital healthcare by 2025.

Empower people to live healthier and higher quality lives in the comfort of their home.

Growth focus
Global COVID-19 pandemic, health epidemics in sleep apnea, COPD, other major chronic conditions and caring for patients with SaaS solutions in out-of-hospital setting

Growth advantage
Transform patient care through innovative solutions and tech-driven integrated care to drive superior outcomes, experiences and efficiency

Growth foundations

  • High performing, diverse and entrepreneurial people
  • Industry-leading innovation and business excellence
  • Advanced analytics leadership in our markets

We asked our people why they joined us and why they stay and created our value prop from their response:

  1. I will shape the future
  2. I will do amazing things
  3. I will feel valued and rewarded
  4. I will be free to be me

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Social Responsibility and Community Outreach

If you have been practicing good sleep habits and think you are sleeping well but still feel extra tired in the morning, then you may have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea. Any problems with your sleep should be discussed with your doctor who may recommend you take sleep test.

ResMed also offers a free sleep assessment to help you determine if you are at low or high risk of sleep apnea.

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