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We have 12 million+ 100% cloud connectable devices worldwide.

Over 30+ years, ResMed has become the global leader in award-winning medical technology and software applications to help treat and manage people with sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases.

Global teams united by a singular vision

In more recent years, we have built on that success and experience to guide the development of cloud-based software solutions and tools that are changing the way patients can receive care outside of hospital settings, helping people stay healthier and happier longer.

ResMed operates in over 100 countries and our products are sold in more than 140 markets. We offer employment opportunities as varied as the countries and cultures in which we operate. Wherever we are in the world, our global teams are united by a shared commitment to excellence and improving the lives of people everywhere.

Our Global Businesses

Digital Health Technology

Sleep and Respiratory Care

ResMed Healthcare Germany

Where you'll find ResMed

The Americas

We're headquartered in San Diego California and you’ll find teams creating positive change for patients and the healthcare industry throughout Latin America, USA and Canada.


From Sweden to The UK, Russia to Portugal, our European teams operate in more than 30 markets and even extend their reach to the African continent

ResMed Healthcare, Germany

ResMed Healthcare, Germany is strategically positioned as both an integrated part of the ResMed family and as a standalone business.


It's where our business was founded in 1989 so it holds a special place in our hearts. Australia is home to some big thinking and it remains an important product development and manufacturing centre for us.


We’re focused on high-growth markets across Asia: China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and others. By developing services and solutions specifically for these markets, we are able to leverage untapped opportunities and bring innovation to more patients than ever before.


Singapore is a global manufacturing hub for many products and a major product development site. While our Curative R&D and manufacturing teams in China are integral in designing products and services specifically tailored for emerging markets and the needs of China's domestic market.