Social Responsibility and Community Outreach

Did you know?

Today we are the global leader in sleep technology.

Our mission is changing lives for millions around the world. We also bring that ambition closer to home within the communities in which we work and live. We are proud to give back where we can.

Giving back to communities where we work and live

With this ambition embedded in our company DNA, everything we do as an organisation is led by our mission to help the world breathe better and live healthy lives. We let this philosophy drive our business as well as our efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have protocols in place to support employees in volunteering for community causes and initiatives and we can usually match donations to causes that our employees care about.

We know that environmental care is a priority for communities and employees alike and wherever we are working we set ourselves high standards in our work practices to better protect and conserve natural resources.

Visit our dedicated Corporate Responsibility website. Launching December 2020

Supporting STEM education for the next generation

We’re passionate about helping our people achieve their potential, but we extend that passion beyond our own company. We are active in the Teach for America Innovation Consortium, that brings STEM professionals and STEM teachers together to identify the best ways to support the career goals of under-served students. We also sponsor Athena, promoting growth for women in STEM-related industries, and host Job Shadow Day with RealityChangers, an organization that helps high-potential, low-income youths become first-generation college students at top universities.

Through the ResMed Foundation, we also support research and education on sleep and respiratory health that affects millions around the world.


Our ResMed team members are empowered to give back with organized volunteer events or taking time to volunteer for the cause of their choice. In the United States, employees are given 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer for causes they deem the most impactful.

We have employees that travel to volunteer, mentor youth in their communities and engage in beach cleanups amongst other valuable initiatives. Whilst many ResMedians take this time to volunteer on their own or with their families, our teams often get together to organize their own volunteering events as a team bonding activity.

Device Donations

While we encourage employees to donate their time to community causes, and our company gives back through monetary contributions, we also donate our medical devices. ResMed partners with organizations to get our devices to underserved communities, making sure patients in need can access healthy sleep and care.

Disaster Relief

With dual headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and San Diego, California, ResMed is no stranger to natural disasters, and especially the impact of recent wildfires.

We partner with various organizations to respond to natural disasters – in both financial support and in understanding how to best support patients during a crisis.

Health and Wellbeing

We recognize the benefits of a healthy workforce and adopt a holistic approach to the health and safety of our people. While they vary by region, across our major sites we provide employee health and wellbeing programs that may include on site health testing, support for fitness, subsidised quit-smoking programs, screening and employee purchase support for sleep apnea, confidential third-party counselling, referrals for stress and mental health issues or support for gym membership. In some jurisdictions, company – sponsored private health insurance may be offered.

Education and research

Supporting your future ambitions

A part’s lifespan depends on your usage frequency, cleaning routine and at ResMed we believe that industry and medical science must work together to enhance medicine and patient therapy.

Where it’s relevant, your work will be informed and supported by world-leading research to which we subscribe or commission. You may even have the opportunity to lead or contribute to our own ongoing clinical research that aligns with our mission of advancing innovative technologies in sleep and respiratory medicine. This research also informs ongoing education programs for patients, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

We are committed to helping employees fulfill their ongoing education goals and will offer a range of opportunities to advance your professional development and your career, subject to regional policies.


How we work

Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility

Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility is key to who we are and what matters to our people at ResMed. Check out our site highlighting ResMed’s community work, BIDS initiatives, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Purpose

Through innovative products and tech-driven integrated care solutions we work with the singular purpose of empowering people to live healthier and higher quality lives in the comfort of their home.

Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity

Wherever we operate in the world, we work to provide a culture of support, inclusion and opportunity and an environment that will bring out the best in every employee.

Social Responsibility and Community Outreach

Our mission is changing lives for millions around the world. We also bring that ambition closer to home within the communities in which we work and live. We are proud to give back where we can.