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Our business was started with the goal of helping people living with sleep apnea. It’s a condition shared by more than 900 million people. Currently, only around 20 million are being treated for sleep apnea so there is enormous untapped global potential. Our devices and therapies continue to be evolved to bring life-changing therapies to as many patients as possible.

ResMed’s growing portfolio of sleep and respiratory care products includes positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and masks.

As the very first company to build cellular connectivity into each PAP device, ResMed is now a global leader in daily remote patient monitoring, Cloud-connected devices enable PAP users to track and improve their own therapy while clinicians can remotely monitor patients under treatment. They are currently being used by more than 10 million patients globally.


AirMini™is our award-winning, portable sleep apnea solution. The AirMini syncs with a user’s smartphone to provide access to sleep scores and tracking programs on the go. It’s a revolutionary step forward in this important market.

Over 6 billion nights of sleep data.

Our connected sleep and respiratory solutions are unlocking value for patients, physicians, health providers and payers alike. The vast amount of data and the predictive analytics it enables provides inspiration for our teams and their entrepreneurial approach to envisioning, establishing and executing new healthcare solutions. Our innovative products help treat and manage chronic respiratory conditions related to COPD, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and more.

More than 380 million people worldwide have COPD. You could be part of an expert team working to develop even better respiratory products that make a meaningful difference to many. Products like our Astral™ life support ventilator, changing the lives of patients with life-threatening neuromuscular disease. By providing life-saving support and enabling mobility, we create products that change lives with every breath.

SaaS – We see see the person in the patient

While improving people’s lives with technology has always been at the heart of our business, now it’s shaping a new era in healthcare. Our software-as-a-service technology is providing innovative and dynamic systems that change the way people receive care outside of the traditional hospital setting.

We’re already the leading provider of SaaS solutions across a broad spectrum of settings with more than 100 million lives in our digital health network. From home health and hospice, to senior living and life plan communities, ResMed solutions are providing hard-working tools that help people stay well, longer.

With one of the largest actionable datasets in the industry we empower providers with vital insight and a complete view of patients as they move between care settings. Our solutions are designed to integrate with other networks and technologies because we recognise that when objectives align, everyone wins. To drive better care and lower costs, we’re continuing to develop more personalized solutions, utilizing machine learning, intelligent care paths, and predictive protocols to help deliver the care people need, right when they need it.

ResMed connected health solutions

At ResMed we’ve always applied the best of technology to improve people’s lives. Now our SaaS technology is fueling a new era in healthcare. Our dynamic systems are changing the way people receive care in settings outside of the hospital and new tools are working every day to help people stay well, longer. These are our global brands revolutionizing care outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Coming up for Air

Nick’s story from symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment

Coming up for Air

Nick’s story from symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment

ResMed SaaS Vision

ResMed’s COVID response

ResMed has taken an engaged and proactive approach to keeping employees, customers and patients informed of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Message from our CEO Mick Farrell – “As a global leader in respiratory medicine, ResMed stands with the world in the face of the latest coronavirus disease COVID-19 and is ready to help mitigate its effects, helping people breathe while their immune system fights this virus. More than 7,500 ResMedians are working in over 140 countries for this purpose. We are working with governments, health authorities, hospitals, physicians, and patients worldwide to assess their needs, and to deliver the ventilation therapy that is essential to treat the respiratory complications of COVID-19. Our primary focus is to maximize the availability of ResMed ventilators and other respiratory support devices for the patients that need them most.”

Brightree – Eliminating complexity for HME suppliers

Innovative solutions and services for organizations in home medical equipment, pharmacy, orthotic and prosthetic, and home infusion. Brightree enables organizations to improve business performance and deliver better health outcomes.

MatrixCare – Improving outcomes in out-of-hospital care

A complete and fully integrated set of features to address the clinical and back-office needs of facilities-based care settings and home care, home health, and hospice organizations. MatrixCare helps providers successfully manage risk in out-of-hospital care delivery and achieve better health outcomes.