Flexible working at ResMed

We believe in empowering our team to Work Where They Work Best

At ResMed we know the importance of work/life balance and believe in supporting our people and families with flexible working arrangements that prioritize wellbeing and belonging, while driving growth and innovation.

We understand that working flexibly means different things to different people and keep this front of mind when it comes to talking about how, when and where our team work most effectively together to ensure our people and business thrive.

We encourage open dialogue around requests for flexibility as it can take many forms and we also recognise that certain flexibility arrangements will not always work for all roles given the different scope of our operational needs.

What we do know is that a flexible approach builds a greater level of trust, empowerment and feeling valued. In our experience it leads to better engagement, increased commitment and higher performance and productivity. We also know that it enables a better balance and quality of life. That is why, at ResMed, flexibility is core to our approach and charter. We have a passion and enthusiasm for enabling the use of flexible work arrangements so our team can work appropriately and where they work best.

We apply the following principles to our flex-work conversations:


We prioritise employee wellbeing, inclusion and connection.


We maintain and encourage our culture of creating value (for our customers) paired with our focus for personal and professional growth and productivity.


We embrace transparent communication and are receptive towards other points of view about flexible working options.

Are you ready to work where you work best? Find your ResMed career

If you are interested in joining ResMed, ask your recruiter about the flex working options available.

Please note: We recognise our people and roles are unique, and therefore, all flex work requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. Beyond our guiding principles, all flex work decisions are also made based on the following considerations: Local laws and regulations; Business, function and site specific guidelines; Health and Safety considerations; Tax (corporate and personal); Expenses and Compensation.

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