How we work

Making a difference every day

Did you know?

We built the world’s first cellular cloud-connected Ventilator, Astral.

When you work with ResMed, you’re working with a team of more than 10,500 talented people around the world. And while we may be separated by borders and oceans, we’re united in our commitment to improving millions of lives by creating the world’s best medical technology.

Collaboration, communication and leadership

At ResMed, we don’t measure success by position or title, but rather how we work together towards our common goals through collaboration, communication and leadership. We work hard to make every day an amazing day with opportunities for everyone to do interesting and innovative things.

We also work to ensure that every employee is recognized for the value that they bring and appropriately rewarded for the work that they do.

Through building talented teams, we can help reduce the impact of chronic disease and reduce healthcare costs for individuals and countries. The work that we do is innovative and forward-looking as we work to shape the healthcare landscape of the future. That may sound lofty, but our resolve to deliver better patient outcomes and improve lives is absolute. We can only make that happen with people who share that resolve and commitment – people like you. Together we can make a real difference.

That’s why we created our People Foundation. The culture of our organization reflects the people who work within it – who we are and how we act.

These competencies help us achieve our goals and are at the heart of how we work, engage with each other and grow as an organisation. At ResMed we say: we are all leaders, team players, innovative, customer-obsessed and inclusive. And we mean it. Like, really mean it.

People Foundation


We are all leaders

We own ResMed’s purpose;
we lead and inspire teams, business and industry.


We are team players

We always put ResMed first and collaborate as teams to drive results.


We are innovative

We solve big problems, are agile, always curious, think critically and drive change.


We are customer obsessed

We seek to understand our customer and create world leading solutions.


We are inclusive

We respect diversity of people, thought and freely express our ideas.