What is it?

Mechatronic engineering is the intersection of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. 

Did you know?

Originally, the field of mechatronics was intended to be nothing more than a combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the name being a portmanteau of mechanics and electronics ; however, as the complexity of technical systems continued to evolve, the definition had been broadened to include more technical areas.

Mechatronics at ResMed

Mechatronics may sound like something from a Transformers movie, and in a way, it’s not too far from what mechatronics is! That’s why you can find mechatronics engineers working with robots on the manufacturing floor, designing the cutting-edge control systems for our flow generators, and working with sensors to improve patient health.

Mechatronic engineers are like the multi-linguists of the engineering world. Mechatronics engineers like working with any system that involves writing code that controls electro-mechanical systems. Mechatronic Engineers typically leave university with a broad knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering without much specializing in one or the other so you will often find them in different parts of the business! At ResMed, you will find mechatronic engineers in:

  • Manufacturing – Optimising our process assembly line using automation and robotics.
  • Electrical design – Designing the control systems and PCB’s for the next generation of flow generator and sensing technologies.
  • Software – Analysing data and writing code that controls our flow generators and future devices.
  • Machine Learning/AI – Working with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms to learn and provide greater products for our patients. (Maybe not this?)

Did you know?

The ratio of robots to workers in the automotive industry is greater than the ratio of robots to workers in all other manufacturing industries combined.

Test your knowledge of Mechatronics

When was the first Industrial Robotic Arm commissioned?

Explanation: The Unimate was the first industrial robot which worked on a General Motors assembly line transporting die castings from an assembly line and welding the parts onto auto bodies. A dangerous task for workers!

A transistor is a small electronic switch which can be found in all sorts of electronics, including microcontrollers. How many transistors would you find on an Arduino microcontroller?

Explanation: 140,000. Transistors are so small now that they measure a tiny 14 nanometers across. That’s just 14 times wider than DNA molecules!

The first computer was mostly made up of mechanical parts. How big was it?

Explanation: 15 Meters long. It Weighed 5 tons and consisted of about 750,000 separate parts!