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Who are ResMed and how does your team support the  business and its mission?

ResMed is a global leader in providing solutions to patients with sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions through the utilisation of innovative digital solutions. Verification and Validation (V&V) team plays a pivotal role in the product development cycle to ensure that the solution is designed with requirements and patients in mind.

Who are the people that make up your team?

The team compromises of many engineering and science disciplines such as Mechatronics, Biomedical, Mechanical, Software and others like Physics and Materials. The team is diverse with various engineering skills and experience.

What is the culture of your team like?

The culture of the team is open, friendly, collaborative and proud of helping many people live better lives. We are supportive of one another to achieve our deliverables while also ensuring that we learn from each other.

What work does your team do day to day?

V&V, as comprised by different subteams, may have variation in each Engineer’s day to day work. Most of us are focused on dealing with the product verification activities from designing test strategies and test setups, executing tests from exploratory, bash and formal tests, documenting protocols and reports; while others are supporting with the design of the Test Environment to be used – from conceptualising and developing in-house test equipment and automation system and structure, and ensuring laboratory environment is sustained for testing needs.

How do you team work (think about the behaviours and how they deliver)?

The teams work as a collective, united in reaching goals for the business with positive attitudes, accountability and delivering to achieve outcomes.

How does your team measure success?

The team measures success through learning from mistakes and putting improvements in place, through achieving set goals and milestones and through growing others in the teams around them.

What makes ResMed and your team special in your eyes?

ResMed is special as it has a tremendous culture of wanting to help others feel and live better and achieving this by having talented people who are innovative and caring. My team is special because they deliver to expectations through challenges and hurdles without losing sight of the patient and what our patient needs to receive from our solutions.