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Who are ResMed and how does your team support the business and its mission? 

User Experience (UX) Centre of Excellence (CoE) at ResMed and our team supports ResMed’s mission of changing lives with every breath by putting the user at the centre of every discussion, decision & design. We have a holistic data-driven approach to user experience design that empowers us to improve people’s lives with meaningful solutions that help them breathe, sleep, and live better. We do this by offering a frictionless suite of solutions that are pioneering, authentic, engaging smart & human, so everyone can reach their individual goals and become the best version of themselves whether they are user of our devices, masks, digital solution or services.


Who are the people that make up your team? 

We are a strong team of passionate individuals aiming to create meaningful and delightful experiences for our users.

We come from diverse backgrounds that span across digital software design, product design, industrial design, research, engineering and psychology.

We are: Rowan, Sarah, Gerard, Kristina & Nick (L-R in picture).


What is the culture of your team like?

We are all passionate about what we do, and genuinely interested in the problems we are solving.

There is always a lot going on and we work to a high standard, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re all very supportive of each other, and ready to pitch in on each other’s projects when extra help is required. Between us we have a very broad spread of capabilities and we are generous with sharing them for the benefit of all.

We are quite a diverse group of individuals at different points in our lives and careers, which makes our group chats really interesting and enjoyable. Regardless of our differences, I feel like we are united by mutual respect for each other’s abilities, and a genuine passion for doing great work.


What work does your team do day to day?

Our team is incredibly lucky in that we all get to work across ResMed in such a diverse capacity. This means our day-to day tasks vary and can range from visual design on hardware solutions, ideating on usability opportunities on masks, service mapping for websites and ecosystems and driving app design and development. The diversity allows us interact with the latest technologies and digital trends when working on products for the future (3+ years away) and also for current projects where we can launch, seek feedback & co-create iterations with our users.

We work collaboratively across our global teams in the USA, Europe and APAC… so a “day” is not typically a 9-to-5 “day” for any of us!


How do your team work (think about the behaviours and how they deliver)? 

As a team, we love to come together to ideate at the beginning of projects even if we’re not all involved individually in the project at hand. These workshops allow us to go deep with our projects with the collective weight of our teams’ ideas behind us from the beginning. It also helps us all remain connected with the work we’re doing and allows us to cross-pollinate ideas as projects progress. We also have regular show and tells and knowledge-shares to update not only our UX team, but teams globally to share learnings from users and project milestones.

Each product we touch starts with the needs of the users (clinical users and patients) and as we solve for these needs we aim to delight them with meaningful innovative solutions. We also operate on the assumption that our users, are the experts and we learn from them. This in conjunction with best practice holistic design principles and trends allows to be set up for success when jumping into a new problem to solve.


How does your team measure success? 

We approach measuring success like the way we design, holistically! Words that come to mind are, improvement, quality, challenge, enjoyment, efficiency, flow & growth.

Success at ResMed can come in many different forms and look different from project to project, product to product & market to market. These can be external or internal and vary in scale.


What makes ResMed and your team special in your eyes? 

ResMed has a meaningful mission and we like many of the other ResMedians are extremely motivated by this!

As a team, we are highly energetic motivated individuals who always keep the end user at the front of mind. We also have a unique ability to think holistically and know when to zoom out to the big picture, and zoom in to the micro-interactions and detail. We are curious, passionate and crave discussions about good (and bad!) design.

For us it always starts with being clear on the opportunities and problems and focused on goals we want to achieve. I believe our teams ability to strategise, research and ideate around the ‘what next’ is a key factor that contributes to measuring our success.

Our focus is always desirable, feasible & viable outcomes & solutions for our customers, our business, our team & for us as individuals.