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Angie’s Career Journey

Why did you join ResMed?

I was always drawn towards the healthcare industry – my childhood dream was to become a dentist because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and help them gain confidence by having a beautiful smile. However, I took engineering because I also love science and enjoy solving problems in a logical manner. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I joined a pharmaceutical company that manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Injectables (APIs) as a Verification Engineer The nature of my work was very operational and I felt very distant from the patients and  I didn’t get the chance to work directly with them. I wanted to be closer to the patients and it was ResMed’s tagline “Changing lives with every breath” that caught my attention in the job ad I saw in LinkedIn so I decided to apply. During my interview, I got to learn more about the product development process and was very intrigued by it. The beautiful office and open pantry in Connexis office may or may not have also been a factor as to why I wanted to join ResMed!


Tell us about your journey at ResMed so far

I started as a Verification and Validation Engineer in the Masks team in Sept 2017. Back then, the team in Singapore was very new and we were all learning. I was part of the cross-functional team responsible for the verification and validation for AirFit F30. It was a whirlwind of 12 months learning all about sleep apnea, verification testings and eventually launching the product into the market. It was one of my proudest moments in my career!  I was involved in the development of a product from prototyping to testing, to making sure it was safe to use, and seeing it actually being used by the patients. I was surprised at the autonomy and trust given to me as a “newbie”. It was scary but also very empowering at the same time. I spent the next 2 years working on other mask projects in both NPI and Product Lifecycle Engineering. I was involved in AirFit F20, AirFit N20, AirTouch N20 and AirFit N30 for AirMini. These opportunities allowed me to have a better understanding of product development life cycle from design development through to the product delivery.

I feel very honoured to have great mentors in ResMed who truly cared for me and helped me along the way. They were always available for candid conversations and never hesitated to share their experience with me. With lots of encouragement and support, I decided to take a leap of faith and took on a different role in Project Management on March 2021. I’ve had the opportunity to lead multiple projects since joining the Mask PMO Team. Every day is a new learning experience and it’s never a dull moment in ResMed. I have learned the skill of navigating material supply shortages, adapted to the changing regulatory landscape, many more. In my current role as a Project Manager, I am given the opportunity to collaborate and work with people across different ResMed offices, and I’m more aware of business impact and how certain commercial decisions are made.


What makes ResMed different from other workplace?

The way ResMed supported the employees during COVID blew me away. There was constant communication, flexible working arrangement and regular check-ins to ensure everyone was able to continue working from home with the right equipment and support. The open communication and flat hierarchy are also something that is unique to ResMed’s culture. There are a lot of opportunities in ResMed to constantly grow and learn. I’ve never seen so many lateral movements in another organization! I also loved that we have so many ‘outside of work’ initiatives championed by Culture Champions, ResTech and Women in Tech. ResMed is truly a workplace that works hard but plays even harder. I’m surrounded by so many talented and high performing people who work together in a borderless environment. Also, the new Galaxis office, textile studio and V&V lab are AMAZING!

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