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Meet Angele Cipra, Marketing Apprentice SRC (EMEA)

Tell us about your experience as an Apprentice at ResMed.

Working as an apprentice at this company has been an exhilarating journey! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed merging the theoretical knowledge of digital marketing and communications acquired in school with hands-on, real-world experience. This apprenticeship has empowered me to dive into the business realm while still studying—a priceless advantage for what lies ahead.

Upon stepping into the office, what struck me the most was the exceptional onboarding program tailored for my arrival. Right from day one, I’ve felt fully embraced and guided, surrounded by a caring team eager to lend support and aid in my tasks.

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the program?

I chose to join ResMed driven by an unwavering passion for the dynamic medical technology realm, aiming to carve my career path within this fascinating field. What truly set this opportunity apart for me was the outstanding work-life balance and exceptional benefits offered by ResMed. Moreover, I was genuinely impressed by the swift, transparent, and seamless recruitment process they conducted.

What advise will you give to fellow students seeking to find Apprenticeship at ResMed?

Absolutely go for that intern position, even if you don’t check off every requirement on the list. Your drive and enthusiasm can be the game-changer, and remember, learning alongside your colleagues is always on the horizon!

The best thing about being an Apprentice at ResMed is…

Totally loving the vibe of being trusted and independent in my work, feeling like I’m just another awesome team member! Jumping into all these different projects in digital communication has been a blast. It’s like a playground of tasks, letting me try out different gigs and figure out what my ultimate dream job looks like!

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