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Meet Emily Jade, Graduate Software Engineer

Tell us about your experience as a Graduate at ResMed?               

As someone who entered the software team with a biomedical engineering background, there was definitely a lot for me to learn! But the team was incredibly supportive, and you can really tell that they all had a genuine willingness and interest in helping you to learn and understand. Even as a Graduate, the team encouraged me to share my ideas and take ownership of work which helped my technical and career progression.

 What makes ResMed special to you?

I’ve always had an interest in working in the medical technology field which is why working at ResMed is special to me. Being able to work at a company where I know my work has such a positive impact on people’s lives is really fulfilling and makes me more passionate about the work that I do.

 Do you have any advice to fellow graduates seeking to find a role at ResMed?

There is a wide variety of different roles available – probably more than you realise! Take some time to look into all the different opportunities available, you might find something really suited to you that you’d never thought about before.

 The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is..

The people and the opportunity to try new things! I feel so lucky to be working with such talented and kind people. Team culture is such a big part in making a job enjoyable, and ResMed fosters a lively and supportive culture. During my time as a Graduate, I also had the opportunity to work on different areas of the code base, rotating around the different sub teams within the wider software group.

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