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Meet Sorata Cummins, Graduate Engineer, Devices Delivery

Tell us about your Internship at ResMed.

I started at ResMed as an Intern and now, I am part of the Devices Rotation Program as a Graduate Engineer. I was able to do a full-time internship one summer and this made me experience ResMed’s unique perspective on the work-life balance, making each day enjoyable.

What set this experience apart was the genuine willingness of everyone I meet to share their time, be it for assistance or a friendly chat. Even VPs spare moments from their busy schedules to discuss their career journeys with us, offering invaluable advice. I felt encouraged to look beyond how the seemingly small contribution I make as an Intern fitted into the grand scheme of things. This made my job not just engaging but incredibly rewarding. I had such a great time that I knew I had to come back as a Graduate. I already had my foot at the door!

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the internship program?

What makes ResMed special is knowing that the work I am doing is changing the lives of millions of people for the better. I’m motivated to give my best shot at work because I know I am making a difference. ResMed’s strong culture of providing the best patient care possible is at the centre of everything we do, a Company that I am proud to work for.

What advice will you give to fellow students seeking to find internship at ResMed?

It helps to be a well-rounded person who can bring unique skills to the team. Join university societies, engage in extracurricular activities, and nurture your passion projects. Building a diverse skill set and network is another key. And most importantly, be yourself because authenticity is your greatest asset.

The best thing about being a Student or a Graduate at ResMed is….

Being with a cohort of like-minded individuals. I initially expected an overly competitive or antisocial dynamic among students and graduates. But it was quite the opposite! Everyone is not only easy to get along with but genuinely wants the best for one another. During my internship, being part of a team with three other female interns created a supportive environment that became the cornerstone of my early career.

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