Andrea Ekey

Graduate Data Informatics Analyst, Brightree Advanced Analytics

Tell us about your experience as a graduate at ResMed?

I joined Brightree Advanced Analytics just a couple of weeks ago, as a Data Informatics Analyst. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks, where I have gotten to work with a dynamic team and learn more about how the business connects to the data I work with.

What makes ResMed special to you?

ResMed does impactful work in improving patients’ quality of life, which really resonates with me. I have a keen interest in the intersection of healthcare and data-driven decisions, and Brightree accomplishes this an impressive ways.

Do you have any advice to fellow graduates seeking to find a role?

Do your research! Take some time to learn about the different parts of the business and imagine what your role could be in that.

The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is getting to be part of a team of smart, motivated folks!