Camille Labarre

Marketing Apprentice

Sleep and Respiratory Care (EMEA and Japan)

Tell us about your experience as an Apprentice at ResMed.

Being an apprentice at ResMed’s EMEA Marketing team is an incredible chance! It’s a journey filled with rewarding learning experiences that help me grow both professionally and personally. The guidance I’ve received here has blown me away—it’s empowering to tackle my tasks while also having the freedom to be independent. And let’s talk about the impact: working on healthcare products that touch millions of lives? That feels purposeful and meaningful to me!

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the program?

This is more than just a workplace—it’s a space where you can truly be you, surrounded by a community of open-minded and supportive individuals. The team here is incredibly warm and ever-ready to lend a hand. What really stands out to me is the emphasis on well-being in this environment. Plus, the assignments they offer are genuinely engaging and that’s precisely why I opted for ResMed’s apprenticeship program.

What advise will you give to fellow students seeking to find Apprenticeship at ResMed?

When going for an internship, don’t hold back—just be yourself! Remember, it’s okay if you’re not familiar with every task; the key is your willingness to learn and grow with support in your role. What truly matters is your motivation. Take the leap because the experience itself is incredibly valuable and absolutely worth it!

The best thing about being an Apprentice at ResMed is…

Becoming an integral part of an exceptional team—filled with motivated, caring, and brilliant individuals. It’s the ideal setting for your personal and professional growth. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in an environment that fosters learning, fuels creativity, and propels your career forward.