Harley Koltai

Graduate Product Manager, Sleep & Respiratory Care – Product Management

Tell us about your experience as a graduate at ResMed.
I’ve really, really enjoyed my time at ResMed so far in Global Product Management (GPM). There’s a great variety of meaningful projects that I get to work on concurrently, and I’m really surprised by the level of autonomy I have. ResMed’s program has completely surpassed my expectations of what a graduate rotational program entails.

What makes ResMed special to you?
I never thought the company culture would be a huge consideration of mine as I begin my career, but I mean it when I say it’s truly standout here. Everyone I’ve come across really wants you to progress and develop – they go out of their way to help you. Though the home/office breakdown varies team-to-team, ResMed has been very accommodating in how they’ve embraced ‘hybrid work’. The onsite facilities are also top-notch…it’s great being able to finish work and wind-down in the gym and pool.

Do you have any advice to fellow graduates or interns seeking to find a role?
If you are looking to find a role a ResMed, make sure you are well-versed in the company’s offerings, and mission. Not only will this knowledge help set you apart from the cohort, but it’ll give you a base to start innovating and thinking “what could ResMed be doing differently?”

What is the best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed?
You’re in a position where you have free-reign to ask questions to anyone and delve into where your interests lie. There’s flexibility in the type of work you take on – your team/managers are always available to discuss what you’d like to be doing, and where you think your strengths are well-suited to.