Leah Slack

Graduate Engineer, Devices Delivery

Tell us about your experience as Graduate at ResMed.

I joined the Devices Delivery Graduate Rotation program at the start of 2023.  So far, I have been involved in Systems Engineering, Product Lifecycle Engineering, and more recently joined the Mechanical Pressure Systems team for my third rotation.

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the Graduate program?

The rotation program has given me such a unique introduction to multiple parts of the business and various stages of product development.  I feel like I can truly develop a holistic view of the design process – from pre-product development exploratory work to maintaining launched devices in the market.  It has also enabled me to develop my network across the business, which is arguably the most important aspect to lean on in the first few years of your career.  There is so much knowledge and experience residing within ResMed and I have enjoyed being able to unlock more and more with each project or discipline I join.

What advice will you give to fellow students seeking to find Graduate role at ResMed?

I would say the main thing that surprised me about working at ResMed is how important organisational and collaborative skills are.  Technical skills are important of course, however ResMed graduates are supported to build these skills from the ground up.  Therefore, you can learn these skills on the job, which I find way more effective than in a lecture theatre anyway.   The most valuable skill I have had to learn so far is how to break down a discussion into tangible actions and steps forward, which is an aspect that is surprisingly easy to lose track of in many instances.  Communicating effectively with subject matter experts is such an important part of learning the ropes at ResMed and this includes asking lots of questions!

The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is….

The flexible working model which caters so well to people of many different backgrounds.  Family commitments, time zone changes, and having the option to work from home are just a few to name.   I am a Kiwi who left my family back in New Zealand to pursue a career at ResMed. I have had the flexibility to go back and visit them a few times whilst still being able to work from across the Tasman which has been so important in remaining connected with friends and family.   Many personal situations can be catered for in collaboration with your manager to ensure your wellbeing is prioritised.  This means we can all show up for work being our best selves!

What is your sleep superpower?

My sleep superpower is that I can put more energy into those around me and foster important relationships when I’m well rested. I consider myself to be an “extroverted introvert”, as in I really enjoy socialising but ultimately re-charge my energy when I am alone. If I am drained from lack of sleep, I need more time to myself which can get isolating. I get the most out of life when I am well rested and can show up for friends and family. It also enhances my collaboration with work colleagues, which is of course very important for my career development too.