Matthew Armstrong

Apprentice, Manufacturing Technologies

Meet Matthew, Tooling Apprentice

Tell us about your journey with ResMed so far.

My journey with ResMed started after working in a health and fitness industry and wanting to continue to bring a positive health benefit to the people and customers I interacted with. This brought me to applying to be part of the ResMed Retail team in which I worked for a just over a year in the Parramatta Sleep Centre before moving to the Penrith kiosk site to help in starting up operation on a new location.

What made you decide to do the apprenticeship program?

I have had a personal passion for manufacturing and production for most of my life and when I had heard that the manufacturing technologies department was opening an apprenticeship program for Tool Makers/ CNC machinists at Precision Tooling I jumped on the opportunity to pursue a career path I have a personal passion for in a business I was already familiar with and share health outlooks on a company wide scale.

What makes ResMed different from other companies?

Being able to move from retail to manufacturing is a rare opportunity someone can get from a company and I feel that makes ResMed different from other companies. It has increased my respect for the work we at ResMed do.