Mitchell Price

Student Engineer, Product Development

Tell us about your experience as Intern (or Student) at ResMed.

My internship at ResMed gives me the opportunity to learn so much from experienced and talented engineers. I took Mechatronic Engineering in university and most of my subjects are mechanical focused but through this internship, I get the chance to be part of the electrical team. I feel that my knowledge in electrical engineering as well as real-world applied engineering skills increased dramatically but there is still so much to learn! This internship became my ticket to confidence in the fast-paced arena of biomedical engineering. You see, university teaches you the theory, but nothing quite prepares you for the real deal like diving headfirst into the industry.

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the internship program?

The vibe at ResMed is all about fostering a solid and friendly team dynamic. Seriously, from senior engineers to the folks running the facilities, everyone’s super keen to lend a hand and share their expertise. It’s like there’s this unwritten rule that no question is too silly to ask – trust me, I’ve thrown a couple of curveballs myself!

What advice will you give to fellow students seeking to find internship at ResMed?

First, approach this process with confidence, knowing you’re stepping into a working environment that’s incredibly welcoming and supportive. When it comes down to it, nobody can advocate for you better than yourself!

Second, learn some engineering skillset beyond your main focus. From my own journey, I’ve learned that understanding how different engineering areas intersect can be incredibly valuable. At ResMed, collaboration between teams and disciplines is key for most projects. So, being able to demonstrate a diverse range of engineering and business know-how not only highlights your adaptability but also your eagerness to be a part of the company.

The best thing about being a Student at ResMed is….

The best thing about being an intern here at ResMed is knowing that every day is a chance to grow personally and professionally in the world of top-notch engineering. You’re not just a student; you’re part of the crew, shaping your future in a place with innovation and expertise.