Priyank Malviya

Graduate Database Engineer, Brightree SaaS & R&D

Tell us about your experience as a graduate at ResMed?

It has been a very nice experience as a graduate at ResMed. I believe it is very important for everyone while coming fresh out of college to work at a place where they are always motivated to learn something new and are encouraged to put forward their ideas.  This not only boosts their morale it also ensures a good career path as an individual for them. This is exactly what I experienced while working with ResMed, because of which I believe I am a more confident professional now than I was when I joined ResMed.     

What makes ResMed special to you?

The best thing about ResMed is that whatever work we do we have this realization that our work is directly going to influence the lives of people. This makes one take that extra sense of responsibility in their work. At the end of the day when you realize that you are doing something which is actually serving the community directly or indirectly, there is sense of peace and satisfaction which ensue. Thus it’s a completely different feeling working with ResMed and playing your role in helping society. 

Do you have any advice to fellow graduates seeking to find a role?

I would say the same thing again that as new graduates we should always strive to work at such a place where we are always encouraged to put forward our opinions. A place where we are encouraged to do new and innovative things, this ensures that we are always in touch with the new technologies in the market and also boosts our confidence as a working professional.

The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is 

For me, it’s the fact that other than performing my major role of being a Data Engineer, I am also encouraged to work on something new every month or two as a side project. The projects like designing ELK stack, building a predictive model using ML methods is something that always keeps me occupied and ensures that I am in the constant phase of learning and there is no stagnation. Another fact that makes my work very special for me is the realization that my work is serving the people around me.