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Design Engineering Team

Telling our story

Who are ResMed and how does your team support the  business and its mission?
ResMed is a company that has became part of our life to help our  patients. ResMed is also a platform for us to develop ourselves as individuals/team, to create impact beyond ourselves. We are part of the Masks product development team who realise what our patient/business needs to a  product/services via design and innovation. We want our design to enhance patients journey, through  great therapy, useability, reliability and  touch-and-feel experiences.

Who are the people that make up your team?
We are a diversified team of Design Engineers, coming from different  background, industry experience and perspective.

What is the culture of your team like?
We like to experiment and  try out new things. Everyone in the team plays a part in providing each other a safe environment to  voice out our frustration/challenges and also great ideas. We  are collaborative  and work as a team. We have our core responsibilities and we extend help our team mates when we see needs.

What work does your team do day to day?
We primarily work on Mask Development projects; from understanding the requirement, iterating the design and test for the potential solutions, specifying our final solution for manufacturing and signing off the final design for production. On top of the projects, we are also involved in non-project initiatives like ResTED, Culture Warriors and Recreational Committee in Singapore Sleep  R&D team to  create a great supportive environment for learning, culture and wellness.

How do you team work (think about the behaviours and how they deliver)?
The team is empowered to manage, decide and deliver their work with the support network (peers, mentors and managers) working in tandem. We are individuals who are  passionate, motivated and proactive to  bring out  the best solution  for our patients and business. We do have frustrations and we discuss as a team to find a good way forward.

How does your team measure success?
As a team, we see success as being able to deliver a solution to the market to help our patients and business. We also plan and work towards individual success as we develop our technical and/or soft skills  along the product development journey. It’s also important to celebrate success so we remind each other and go out for small celebrations over meals or coffee/tea.

What makes ResMed and your team special in your eyes?
Seeing ResMed with an open and collaborative business culture, while working with a cohesive and selfless team makes it really special to me.

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