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Systems Engineering and V&V

Who are YOU and how does your team support the  business and its mission?
We are the (incredible) System Engineering and V&V Team from SLEEP R&D in ResMed Singapore. We define the requirements and deliver innovative solutions for our patients. We ensure the safety of our patients through rigorous and stringent testing. We support the sustainability of our products through its lifecycle

Who are the people that make up your team?
We are a team made up of System Engineers and Verification & Validation Engineers. We are a bunch of passionate and driven people. We challenge one another readily to strive for the best results

What is the culture of your team like?
We WORK hard and PLAY harder. We are closely knitted. There is equal opportunities for everyone. We are not defined by our titles. We grow together as a team

What work does your team do day to day?
We translate requirements into design inputs for new product creation. We ensure all risks are mitigated.We brainstorm on innovative solutions. We verify and validate that the design outputs meet design inputs. We investigate, review and resolve technical issues we see in our tests. We ensure our products are safe and meet the therapy needs of our patients

How do you team work (think about the behaviours and how they deliver)?
We often have open discussions. We share problems and knowledge readily. There is close collaboration within the team. We are supportive of one another (#YouNeverJAMAalone)*

How does your team measure success?
We strive towards timely project deliverables. We create products that transcend expectations. We develop and learn new skills

What makes ResMed and your team special in your eyes?
It’s the people! It’s the product that we create. There is diversity. There is a strong learning culture. There is no hierarchy. We are a global team. We are like a BIG FAMILY ☺

*JAMA is a product development software for requirements, risk and test management. This is used extensively by the Sys Eng and V&V Team. “#YouNeverJAMAalone” is a tagline we’ve come up to illustrate how we support one another in the team.

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