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Meet Ben Davies, Graduate Engineer, Devices

Tell us about your experience as an Intern and now, a Graduate at ResMed.

I joined ResMed as a Student Engineer for a Summer Internship and am now a Graduate Engineer in Devices Delivery within the Mechanical Engineering team. In my time as a student, I was exposed to a range of projects and was able to experience and learn some critical engineering skills for product development. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student and fortunately had the opportunity to continue my career at ResMed in a full-time position after graduating university. As a Graduate Engineer, I have been able to grow my involvement in the development of life-changing products, pushing the boundaries of innovation and resolving complex challenges as they arise.

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the internship and graduate programs?

I joined the internship and graduate programs because I am keen to understand what state-of-the-art product development looks like in the medical industry. My internship provided me that and so much more as I found not only cutting-edge engineering work, but also a supportive team culture, opportunities for personal growth, and a company that valued its engineers.

What advice will you give to fellow students seeking to find internship at ResMed?

I would recommend for anyone seeking to work at ResMed to invest in developing interdisciplinary skills and personal drive. Most of the major challenges that we solve involve a depth of understanding from multiple disciplines such that the only chance of solving them requires collaboration, and so breadth of experience can be a major asset in these cases. Additionally, being able to demonstrate a personal drive and curiosity for learning such as through self-driven projects or extracurricular work will be an asset to you in searching for a role.

The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is….

You are going to be surrounded by incredibly experienced and proficient engineers, who have developed and built medical devices that have improved the lives of millions, and in my experience, they are all generous in sharing their time, patient in helping you understand new things, and humble enough to admit when they don’t know the answer.

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