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Meet Bernadette Pudadera, Product Sustainability Engineer

Tell us about your experience as a Graduate at ResMed.

My experience on the Graduate Rotation program in 2022 was super rewarding and rich with opportunities. I was able to experience four 6-month placements in very different teams (Systems Engineering, Material Technology & Compliance, Product Sustainability, and Mechanical Engineering). Throughout the program, I was given bodies of work that I could own and take responsibility for, which I think has been amazing for my professional growth. The nature of the rotation program also enabled me to pick up a wide variety of skills, experiences and “thinking hats”, while also building up a network across Product Development.

What makes ResMed special to you? Why did you join the Graduate Program?

The best part about working at ResMed (and the reason I joined) is the meaningful contribution I feel that I am making on both People and the Planet, which I am very passionate about.

In terms of People, both my parents and a number of close family members suffer from sleep apnea, so I have a deep appreciation of the impact that our products and therapies we provide to them in improving their daily quality of life. I also just love the people at ResMed – everyone’s passion, drive and sense of curiosity is so infectious, and the overall culture makes it such an enjoyable place to work.

In terms of the Planet – as I am now a Product Sustainability Engineer and it has been so amazing to be able to influence and drive our product developers to reduce our carbon & plastic impact through careful yet innovative design decisions. And with my background in Materials Science, it has been so exciting to learn about all the new material innovations in the sustainability space, and how they could be used in our very own products!

What advice will you give to students seeking to find internship or a Graduate role at ResMed?

Familiarise yourself with ResMed’s products, values/mission, and if possible, find out about what teams & roles exist that you might want to work in. The ResMed STEM page on our Careers website is a great start! And then as you learn more about the company, make sure you keep asking questions, think critically and be open-minded about all the opportunities that arise.

The best thing about ResMed is….

I would have to say the people I work with, all the learning opportunities, the keen focus on professional growth & development, and the really lovely campus/working spaces (great vibes there!)

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