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Meet Kristina Zlomislic, Senior Director, Customer Experience

Why did you join ResMed?

I have always been interested in technology and design, not just for entertainment, but for their potential to enrich our lives and make them more fulfilling. That is why I initially studied biomedical and computer engineering for a year, but soon realised it wasn’t for me. I pivoted to Industrial Design where I could let my creativity flow and dive to a myriad of product design possibilities. As I developed my skills in design thinking, empathising with users and developing a deep understanding of their challenges to craft optimal solutions, I discovered my true passion is in creating impactful solutions for those who need them most. My thesis project was in the healthcare space, which further sparked my interest and I thought an internship at ResMed, a company at the intersection of design and healthcare, was a great opportunity to put my passion to work.

Tell us about your career journey so far.

After completing my Industrial Design degree at UNSW, my first professional role was at ResMed for a 3-month internship. At the end of the internship, I had hoped for an extension, but due to several factors that didn’t happen. This led me to a role as an Industrial Designer at one of Australia’s’ leading design consultancies where I contributed to the design of a multitude of products. After almost 5 years, I moved back to ResMed armed with new skills & a broader perspective of design & professional working life. I re-joined as a Design Engineer and although my title suggested I was going to work on physical product design, the project I started to explore allowed me to apply my design skills in user experience (UX) design. From here, I found this was an area I cared for deeply, thus pioneering the intersection of digital and physical product became my next big challenge. After a few years as an individual contributor in UX, I had much success to become the Lead Designer on the first two ResMed apps and contributed to the launch of ResMed’s first travel CPAP, AirMini. I was then given the opportunity to build & lead a lean team of Designers and Engineers to work in the UX space focussing on innovative & transformative holistic product solutions working alongside the hardware and digital products teams. This cross-functional team made a huge impact with the invention of a number of designs that led to experimentation, pilot, and product launch. This role allowed me to realise a newfound passion for people and in leading teams. I followed this passion as I joined the Masks Product Development team, leading the product design group. This group was a well-established large team that spanned across two countries, tasked with designing & delivering the entire mask and accessories portfolio. Working with some of the brightest Engineers and Designers, I was truly inspired everyday by the determination of the team to always deliver something better. I was asked to lead the project management group as well as the design team, which broadened my knowledge & accountability of the full Product Development process.

And recently, a fantastic new opportunity came up that I could not let it pass and I am happy to share that I am now spearheading the Customer Experience Team on a global scale!

Aside from design and leadership roles at ResMed, I have been a casual Lecturer and Tutor at the University of NSW for many years, as well as a mentor to a number of students from various design institutions.

What makes ResMed special?

ResMed is special because its mission is inspiring, making you want to join, and the product innovation mindset and the people-first culture absolutely makes you want to stay!

Our mission to change sleep health is exciting and presents a huge challenge that demands all types of innovation to drive success for the business & our customers. There aren’t many companies that provide the kind of complex challenges that we deliver on. Design of products spanning different markets, encompassing hardware, digital platforms, services and environments, is complex, yet incredibly rewarding as we aim to deliver a seamless customer experience. In short, the work is interesting, complex and meaningful – a winning combination for me!

The other area is the unmatched people-first culture. ResMed seeks to invest in the growth of individuals ensuring people always have opportunities to learn and grow either in day-to-day learning from peers, internal training, or through external courses and accreditations. On a personal level, I’ve experienced unwavering support from all my leaders. I strive to reciprocate this nurturing approach with my own teams, fostering an environment where curiosity thrives and skills are continuously honed both personally and professionally.

ResMed’s commitment to act upon challenging areas such as diversity in tech is also special. Initiatives have been driven across leadership with executive sponsorship to better attract and retain female talent in the tech space, for me this is truly special

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