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Meet Felecia Selestin, Systems Engineer, Product Development

Tell us why you joined ResMed.

Joining a medical device company has always been something really special for me. Seeing the impact of our work and our product help people live better is still to this day, something I find to be incredibly meaningful. Four years ago when I had the chance to tour ResMed and speak to the people, it showed me a glimpse of what I know now —  that it’s a place with culture of very supportive and caring people who has a lot of passion for their work. It seems like the right environment for people to achieve their best and do meaningful work.

Tell us about your experiencing working in a project so far.

I have recently been part of a project which developed a mask that I really believe is a game-changer! Being able to help create a mask that is super comfortable, compact, minimalist in design but top-notch in performance is a dream come true. We faced quite a few challenges along the way because we have set the bar really high but we stayed committed and gave it all our best shot. It’s easy to become distracted when you have an ambitious goal but I’ve learned the importance of being clear of our priorities to deliver an excellent product. The ability to focus inwardly and prioritise the impact on patients has been the most important superpower I’ve developed throughout the project.

What are you excited about your future at ResMed?

There’s so much to look forward to at ResMed. There’s always an opportunity to explore different roles, learn new things, and engage in exciting new projects. I’m looking forward to taking on bigger challenges and solving more complex problems alongside my peers who always inspire me and whom I share my passion for the products we create. My goal is to continue contributing to the development of innovative products that surpass boundaries, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients by improving their sleep and overall wellbeing.

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